Looking to fix a leaking tap?

The first step in fixing your leaking tap is understanding why it’s leaking in the first place. There are a number of potential reasons, some are straight-forward, while others can be the result of deeper piping issues, excessive water pressures, or worn out components such as O-Rings, washers or valve seats.

This article will help you determine the cause of your leaking tap, highlight why it is so important that you address this issue, and finally – how we can help. If you have an urgent leaking tap issue, contact us right away for a FREE Estimate!

leaking tap repair

Where is your tap leaking?


A tap that is slowly dripping water, even when in the fully closed position, may suggest that the cam washer has worn away and needs replacing. To do this you must have the appropriate tools to shut off the water supply, dismantle the tap head and have available the correctly specified replacement washer for your tap.

Faucet body

When a tap leaks from the faucet body this suggests that the O-ring between the valve seat and spring has begun wearing away. This O-ring is designed to give a watertight seal around the tap and it’s operating mechanism and over time they can break down and lose their ability to maintain the seal.

Supporting pipework

If the leak itself is originating from the supporting pipe work, there may be excessive water pressure coming to the tap. Symptoms of this may be the irregularity of the leak, inconsistency in pressure, or hammering the piping itself. This is of particular concern as water hammering can loosen the valves and joints often leading to more costly repairs or water damage. 

Why fix a leaking tap?

Left unattended, a leaking tap can cause a multitude of issues and potentially cause lasting damage to your property and personal health. Water left sitting over time can cause structural damage as it erodes the joints of your fixtures and basins, weakening them over time.

Furthermore, a leaking tap will almost always lead to potential health hazards as the water sits and begins to form mould. In order to reproduce, this mould releases tiny airborne spores which can be extremely harmful if inhaled.

Get your leaking tap fixed by the Experts

While this is a job that can be done yourself, it is often not worth the risk. A leaking tap repair performed incorrectly can often worsen the leak when the incorrect tools, wrong approach, or inappropriate replacement items are supplied. This compounds the original problem, accelerating the damage to your property, heightening the risks to your health and leaving you with a larger financial burden. 

If you need assistance with a leaking tap, our professionals can provide you with a quick problem diagnosis and offer an affordable, effective and lasting solution. Instead of sitting wondering, give us a call for an obligation free estimate and we can immediately start to help you avoid any further complications and expenses.

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