Hot water system not working?

Problems with a hot water system can be frustrating, cold showers in particular! But it doesn’t end there – being unable to clean your dishes properly or prepare meals as quickly and easily as usual are all the result of a hot water system having issues. Before calling out your local Hot Water Plumber, let’s get the facts. 

So why is this happening?

hot water shower head

Likely causes of Hot Water Issues

There are a number of reasons you may be experiencing hot water issues:

  • Leak – Your hot water tank, like all plumbing in your house or workplace, sends water throughout your facility through piping. However, for hot water systems this piping can expand and cool with temperatures, making it more prone to leaks when seals and joints begin to wear. If you notice water pooling around your hot water tank, this could be your issue.
  • Thermostat – The thermostat is the piece of equipment that checks the temperature of the water and tells the system when to continue heating, and when the desired temperature is reached. This component may fail over time and need replacing. If this is the case it is often a quick and easy fix as your hot water system is likely functioning correctly, but being told by the faulty thermostat that the desired temperature is being reached.
  • Heating Elements – Essentially, your hot water system acts like a kettle. Cold water is filled into the tank and the heating elements use electricity to generate heat, warming the water and making it ready to be distributed throughout the property. If the heating elements fail, the water in the tank remains cold, causing cold water to be sent through the normally “hot water” pipes. These components can be replaced, but often times it is worthwhile investing in a near hot water tank, or moving to a more modern gas-heated hot water system, if your property can facilitate this.

Need a Hot Water Plumber?

If you are experiencing issues with your hot water system, getting an expert opinion is a necessary step, as tinkering with the Hot Water System is highly dangerous for an unqualified individual. Our professional Hot Water Plumbers will be able to diagnose the issue for you and discuss which solution option best suits your circumstances. We work with you to fix the problem in the way that makes most sense for your future. 

Whether you’re looking to convert to a gas hot water system, interested in a more energy efficient modern electric water heating unit, or simply after a component replacement – we can offer our expert opinion to make sure your decision is well informed. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Call us now and we can get a local Hot Water Plumber over to begin working with you toward a solution that fits!

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