Do I have a Blocked Drain?

If you have a blocked drain that needs addressing, you will usually have experienced some or even all of these symptoms.

  • Smell – The first thing you will probably notice is that a blocked drain will develop a strong odour. This is usually the result of decomposing food and waste which often appears to smell worse when a tap is running.
  • Slower than normal drainage – Particles blocking the drain usually sit in the S-bends of pipe work, making it difficult for water to flow smoothly and as quickly as usual.
  • Raised water levels – If when flushed, the toilet water level raises to an unusually high level, there may be a blockage in the pipe work. This can result in further damage if unattended, potentially leading to more expensive toilet repairs. If this is the case, it is best to contact us immediately.
  • Gurgling sounds – Sounds emitting from a drain are often the result of air pockets in the pipe work. This is often an early sign of a blocked drain or a drain that is likely to attract a blockage.

DIY Blocked Drain Solutions

Before calling a Flex Plumbing professional, there are a number of DIY options that can be helpful.


While most people consider a plunger used for unblocking toilets, they are also useful for unblocking drains. However, there are two things to consider before you plunge. Firstly, adding excessive pressure to a blocked drain can cause piping to burst or crack, making the issue worse. Start gently and test the drain between small bursts of plunging. Secondly, if your problem exists in a double-basin or kitchen sink where there are multiple drains connected to the blocked drain, you will need to plug the other drain as to get a proper seal. This allows the plunger to force additional pressure over the blockage, and not out the other open drain way.

Hot or Boiling Water

If you believe the blockage is likely related to heavy grease or food build up, it may be possible to loosen the blockage with hot or boiling water. This solution is unlikely to work for drains that are blocked with solid matter, but it is an easy to implement first option. However, be aware that PVC piping can loosen around the joints if hot water is used and this solution is more suitable for ceramic piping or metal piping issues. 

Drain Cleaning Chemicals

When most people think about drain cleaning chemicals, they think of “Drano”. However, this is often advised against in the Plumbing industry, as it can often cause more problems than it solves. Drano does wonders to dissolve hair, and other organic matter that can clog drains, but it doesn’t stop there. It can also dissolve the glue used to secure joints in your PVC piping. If you are going to use a chemical cleaning agent there are other organic options which are much safer for your pipework.

Purchasing Tools

If the urgency of your dilemma is low, consider purchasing the tools required to solve this problem. Bunnings Warehouse sells a variety of inexpensive basic plumbing tools that can help you out with your issue. These are also simply great tools for any homeowner to have on hand.

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Want us to handle your Blocked Drain?

No matter what the cause of your problem, our professional blocked drain plumbers are well equipped to make the issue you’re having, a thing of the passed. We have seen it all and have the tools and skill-set to diagnose, clear, and in severe cases, replace your troublesome pipes. Of course, we work with you to ensure the solution we take is the right one and don’t conduct any work until you’re confident it’s the best way to go.

Call us now and we can arrange to have an expert blocked drain plumber fix this for you ASAP!

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